Swann De La Rosa was born in Paris, France. While growing up, she lived in several other countries, such as Belgium, South Africa, Canada and the US. From a very young age, Swann's dream had always been to become a ballerina. She pursued her passion for Dance for 20+ years, while following her mother's path and studying Art & Designs. 

In 2011, Swann opened herself to something new and unknown to her, she discovered the world of Fitness and Bodybuilding while studying in New York. She learned to train at a level that far exceeded her expectations of how she believed she could perfect her body and build her strength inside-out. "It keeps my spirit alive and pushes me every day. This lifestyle has given me much purpose and direction". 

Swann started competing in the figure division the same year and put together an impressive winning streak in the amateur NPC ranks. A few months later, Swann was granted IFBB Pro status from her native country of France. 

In 2013 Swann and her husband Jonathan De La Rosa IFBB Pro, opened NATURAL BODY New Rochelle, their own Sports Supplements & Vitamins in New York. Today, they also own a private training studio, where Swann personally trains women and helps them reach their health and fitness goals. Swann loves to extend her knowledge and instill in her clients, costumers, and fans, the same standards she has for herself. "What a mind can believe, the body can achieve. Through hard work, dedication and persistence, and the right guidance, anything is possible." 

Her love for Art, Designs and Fashion has never left her, Swann created her clothing line SWANN COLLECTION designed for women who live active and in style. 


Hometown: Peoria, Arizona

Birthday: March 17

Height: 5’2

Age: 26

Education: Arizona State University (Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise and Wellness)

Favorite Exercise: Machine Lateral Raises

Favorite Body Part: Shoulders

Occupation: Corporate Wellness

Favorite Betancourt Nutrition Stack- Pure Aminos, Glutamine Plus, Carnitine Plus Metabolism, Bullnox, and Pump'd (pre workout)

How I got started?

Second semester of my freshman year in high school I took weight training as a class and absolutely fell in love. I was a gymnast and soccer player since the age of 3 and ran track in high school. Lifting weights came so natural to me and became an important aspect in bettering myself as an all-around athlete.

Once high school was over, it was hard not being able to be involved in sports like I once was. That was when a friend who had previously competed in NPC shows approached me with the idea of competing. From there I decided to go forth in doing a show and started out with bikini. I quickly realized back stage that I was in the wrong category! Being a gymnast and a soccer player majority of my life as well as lifting weights for a few years at that point had left me with that naturally built body frame. When prepping for my first figure show I found myself getting back to something that I loved, lifting weights, but I had a goal, and from there my career as a figure competitor took off.

Learning about nutrition and even more in depth about the human body in college really brought everything together for me. I found my niche in what I wanted to do. I not only have been able to transform my body into something I only thought imaginable, but I have also been able to help others in reaching their personal goals as well. Helping, motivating, and inspiring others is one of the most rewarding aspects of this industry. Thank you to Betancourt Nutrition for believing in me and for the endless support they have given me, as well as to everyone who has followed and continues to follow and support my journey!