Professional MMA record 26-5

  • Born November 12, 1982
  • From Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • ACB light heavyweight champion
  • UFC knockout of the night award winner
  • UFC fight of the night award winner


Pro Boxing Record 3-0 (2 knockouts)

Pro Kickboxing Record 21-1

Pro MMA Record 13-3 (with 13 1st round knockouts)

DOB 3-2-1989

Born In American Samoan

Fighting out of Chicago



Professional Boxing record 15-0 (12 Knockout's)

  • Born on October 1, 1990
  • Born in Cairo, Egypt; fights out of Miami, Fl 
  • Graduate of sports science at Florida International University
  • Amateur record 37-6; fought in U.S.A and Egypt
  • Egyptian National Champion
  • 2x Florida golden gloves state champ (novice) (cannot fight United States nationals due to my Egyptian nationality)
  • Didn’t go to the 2012 Olympic games for Egypt due to the revolutionary crisis that occurred in Egypt in 2011-2012. 


Professional MMA record 36-13

  • Championship Fighting Alliance
    • Championship Fighting Alliance Featherweight Championship (One time; First)
    • 2012 Championship Fighting Alliance Most Valuable Fighter
    • Knockout of the Night (Two times) vs. Gesias Cavalcante on June 30, 2012 and vs. Charles Bennett on December 17, 2011
    • 2015 March Fight of the Month vs. Justin Gaethje
    • 2015 September Fight of the Month vs. Justin Gaethje
  • Yahoo! Sports
    • 2015 Best Fight of the Half-Year vs. Justin Gaethje


Pro Strongman


Q: What are your favorite Betancourt Nutrition products?

A: B-NOX, Creatine Plus and BCAA Plus


WBFF pro


-1st place/Pro Card in WBFF Muscle Model (Los Angeles April 2015)

-Cover of Planet Muscle, April/May 2015

-1st place light heavyweight Dexter Jackson Classic (2013)

-2nd place NPC USAs Mens Physique 2012


Men's Physique


Npc Naples classic first place and second class c 

Arnold Classic Ohio 4th place

Npc gold cup - first place and overall 

Darrell W. Butler

Fitness Expert and Media Personality


Darrell is a certified personal trainer with The American Council on Exercise and the National Federation of Professional Trainers.  He’s also a Parisi Certified Performance Enhancement Coach and an instructor for Training for Warriors (TFW), Insanity, TRX and ISCA Kickboxing.  He holds numerous specialty fitness and nutrition certifications along with a BA degree from Rutgers University.


Darrell is also the founder of the fitness website My Fitness Muse and has served as a featured writer for, LiveStrong, eHow, Liberty Sports Magazine, Performance Food Centers,, and various other publications and radio programs.  He’s also the featured host of our Betancourt Nutrition Product Education Series videos!


On the opposite end of the fitness spectrum, you may also recognize Darrell as the creator of The Fat Darrell Sandwich (the ultimate cheat meal!) which was named as the best sandwich in the nation and has been featured on Good Morning America, Food Network, Travel Channel and more! Through his web series, The Skinny with Fat Darrell, he shows how people can maintain an overall healthy lifestyle with the occasional cheat meal for a balanced, fit lifestyle.


Favorite Products:  B-Nox and Carnitine Plus