Hesitant to go to the gym in person still? Or do your state restrictions still have fitness facilities closed? No matter your situation, Betancourt Nutrition wants to help keep your fitness on track through our suggestions of online training programs. Now is a time where you can potentially step outside the box and try specific training routines that you’ve either been curious to attempt or may have just discovered. As we all come together to beat COVID-19, it’s important to stay focused and restart that exercise routine that is strengthening your body, mind and immune health.


Throughout quarantine, many individuals are stepping up their cardio to focus on their endurance, cardiovascular health, weight loss efforts, and so on. Whether it’s hiking, bike riding, or just a casual walk, fitness enthusiasts are amping up their cardio in various ways. We’ve researched some of the most popular online training programs focused on cardio to help challenge your workouts during quarantine.

  1. Peloton - If you’re focused on cycling to achieve your cardio and enjoy a bit of competition to create motivation, then the Peloton is your choice. The Peloton not only has intense cycling HD online classes with various courses and instructors, but their app also includes running, bodyweight exercises, stretching routines, meditation, and strength training.
  2. Mirror - This interactive screen that closely resembles the size and shape of a mirror offers live/on demand fitness classes with a wide variety of options. With classes ranging from beginner, intermediate, and expert, Mirror offers cardio classes, boxing, strength training, yoga, pilates, HIIT training, and more!
  3. Beachbody On Demand - Lead behind world renowned trainers, Beachbody on Demand is the perfect online fitness program if you’re looking for massive options based on experience and preference. There are programs that vary from intense cardio, to dancing, yoga, strength training, and many more.



Now more than ever, it’s key to get your mind right during these unpredictable times. It’s essential for your mental health and overall well-being to find that daily escape to decongest from life’s various stresses. Channeling your inner zen can be something new for you to incorporate into your daily routine to help support a positive mood.

  1. Yoga With Adriene - Adriene Misler’s network is filled with knowledge to help one develop a relationship with yoga. Her free program includes 30 days of classes that focus on different elements of yoga to help expand the mind and body. Especially now during stressful times, picking up an exercise like yoga to focus on various poses, breathing exercises, core strength, stretching, and overall mental health, can all help to bring serious benefits to one’s overall well-being.
  2. Daily Burn - Personalization is what sets Daily Burn apart from other online yoga programs. If you’re more of a beginner or want something specifically catered to you, Daily Burn will bring you through various questions to help assess the best plan for you based on your goals. If you sign up, the program features hundreds of classes such as yoga, meditation, pilates, and so much more.


No gym? No problem. We just need to get innovative for the time being. If you’re able to score some gym equipment, now is the time. Below are workout programs targeted to enhance strength and grow muscle. If you enjoy bodybuilding and knowledgeable meal plans, the options below will provide beneficial suggestions during quarantine.

  1. Centr - Actor Chris Hemsworth’s workout app enables one to train like “Thor” right in the comfort of your own home. The intense workout app targets high-intensity interval training, strength routines, boxing, MMA, targeted meal plans, and so much more. The program also allows you to cater your workouts based on experience. Centr provides a wide variety of exercises and diet advice to help you meet your goals.
  2. NEOU - The NEUO workout app allows access to tons of different workout routines including strength training, HIIT, yoga, and many more. If you have dumbbells, kettlebells, or any weights, the NEUO app offers a variety of programs that you can utilize your purchases for muscle building.


Your local gym or trainer may be hosting online classes or outdoor meetups to get that workout in. There is a likely chance that they’re struggling due to the effective measures to beat Covid, so make sure to reach out to them to find out the details of what they have to offer. It’s also the perfect time to get your diet into check. Contact that nutritionist who you’ve been meaning to talk to or ask your trainer their suggestions if they’re a registered dietician. Chances are, they’re more than ready to help you. Through our research, Betancourt Nutrition hopes to help you come out of quarantine feeling better than you did prior, whether you're burning fat, boosting testosterone, or looking for a boost of energy for your exercise.