Leg workout 4 weeks out from the Olympia 2016.


 -Warm up: Single leg extensions, 3 sets of 15 each leg

 - Leg extensions, start at your heaviest weight for 12 reps, drop weight by 20% and take for next 2 sets to failure

 -Leg press, 15 reps on the first set, increase weight each following set, aim for 10-12 for the next 3 sets

 - Hack squat, 3 working sets, aim for the same amount of reps

-Super-set the 3rd set with a narrow stand squat taken to failure

- Seated abductor machine, 15 reps, 3 sets

- Band Abductor leg raises, 20 reps, 2 sets

- Seated hamstring curls, 4 sets, aim for 20 reps

 Swann Toronto Pro

Swann finished 1st overall in women's Pro Figure at the 2016 IFBB Toronto Pro show

Swann- "I feel pretty awesome going into this show. It is the biggest show of the year, I better be hehe! 

I plan on bringing a overall more muscular package, but keeping a very feminine and elegant physique to the stage. My current weight is 144lb, I started my prep 8 weeks ago sitting at 147lb. I know, it isn’t much of a drop. Just to show you that your weight does’t matter as long as your conditioning is coming along. 


I posted my progress pictures yesterday (check out my previous blog), it is the leanest I’ve ever been this far out from a competition. My body is usually very stubborn for the first 6 or 8 weeks of prep, which can be very frustrating but over the years I’ve learned to not stress about it. Around 4 weeks out, this is where I make very noticeable changes day by day. I love it! I get so fired up!! I’m like “OK IT’S ON!”

I feel very fortunate and proud to be back on the Olympia stage this year. After qualifying in 2013 and bringing my worst package to the Olympia, I was left with a big disappointment in myself and non-accomplish feeling. 

I took some time off and came back in 2015. I had a great competitive season but did not qualify for the Olympia. I was ok with that because I did not want to make the same mistake I did in 2013 by doing so many shows and letting my body go down hill and not being about to bring a strong physique because I am completely exhausted. 

This year I picked my favorite shows and went all in. I said to myself, YOU ARE GOING FOR A WIN! I needed to go back to my country to spend time with my family. It was very important to me, so I knew I that these three shows (NY Pro, Puerto Rico Pro, and Toronto Pro) were my only change to qualify for the Olympia this year. Maybe this is the reason why I worked even harder. 

On this note, I am going to the gym to train shoulders! I will be sharing my workout with you all on my next blog.

Thank you for reading. XO” 

Swann IFBB Toronto Pro
Swann De La Rosa