Hard Roads Never Lead to Mirages

Written by Josh Englehart.

We do not seek out the easy.
We do not look for the applause.
Our mission is simple in form but hard in execution.
We walk the straight and narrow roads of health.
No “magical products” are welcome here.
We are equipped with only that which supplements our journey.
We are in this for the long haul.
We are riding this ride until the wheels fall off.
Our success is not temporary,
Our success is constant because our goals are in constant change.
Being satisfied is an illusion.
The finish line in a mirage.
Our walks-no our runs, our climbs, our jumps, our sprints,
They are ours alone because alone we accomplish.
In company we may fight, but in solitude we will fall or succeed.
At the end of this hard road there is no mirage of “quick fix”,
Only another goal to get after.