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Post-Workout Protein Shake for Complete Muscle Recovery

Posted by Anthony Sammon on

 What do you take post-workout to replenish your body’s nutritional granary? If you haven’t found the most ideal after-exercise protein shake yet, then you’re in the right place! Our Chocolate Cake Mix is your perfect bet. What’s more, besides being the perfect shake to follow your thorough workout session, this high protein mix can also take the place of your most favorite nutritious breakfast. 

But what are these ingredients that make this shake so special? Below we dissect the science behind its high nutritional value: 

Whenever you wake up, just like post-workout, do you often feel fatigued and drained? This is because your muscles are deficient in vital nutrients and your blood sugar is low. Here, most people will just choose the easy way out, i.e. consuming a protein shake of their choice with milk or water so as to kick off muscle recovery. This is perfectly okay... 

... BUT aren’t you tired of the same taste every day? Aren’t you bored with average results all the time? Wouldn’t you wish to try something that would give you better recovery of your muscles? Try our Chocolate Cake Shake today and enjoy the full potential you deserve out of your post-exercise shake! 

Your after-workout shake should be able to strive as hard as you did during your exercise to give you the best results. It needs to be able to stabilize your blood sugar, synthesize more proteins, and also re-stock your muscle glycogen. Whether you’re an athlete or an average person exercising at home for your own health and wellbeing, these three are very crucial. 

Further, to enhance complete recovery and help your blood sugar balance well, get a source of high-glycemic carbs and add to the protein shake. Honey can fill that role perfectly. 

The banana in the recipe, a medium-glycemic source, stimulates the pancreas to secrete insulin which, in turn, transports the carbs and proteins to your almost-depleted muscle receptors. 

If your protein shake plays its role as it should, your blood sugar will stabilize within no time after drinking it. That’s why you’ll start having a feeling of getting refreshed shortly after taking your Chocolate Cake Banana Protein Shake. And did we say it tastes fantastic? Enjoy it! 

Chocolate-Banana Shake Recipe 


2 scoops of Betancourt Nutrition Muscle Serum, chocolate cake. 
1 medium banana. 
¼ cup of plain Greek yogurt. 
A dash of cinnamon. 
1 cup of ice. 
1 tablespoon of honey. 

Calorie serving: 366 
Macro-nutrient breakdown: 58% proteins; 29% carbs; 13% fats