A retrospective on work ethic and determination from 2016 Olympia Figure Competitor Swann Delarosa.


I often wonder, why do people look for the easy way out, for the short cuts. Most people wish for more then they are willing to work for. 

And then I think, why am I the way I am? Where do I get my determination from?

I think I owe it to my parents who allowed me to do ballet from a very young age, which I pursued for 20+ years. 

Ballet has taught me discipline, to work beyond the pain. It's taught me perseverance, that complaining and making excuses is just not ok. It's taught me focus, to get in my own head and let nothing distract me. It's taught me patience, that self-improvement takes one day at a time and many years of continuous hard work and sacrifices.

No matter how tired you are, how sore you are, no matter how much you are hurting, and how much your toes are cut and bleeding, you've gotta to keep going, and stay on your toes. You can't fake it in ballet!! There is no easy way to do it. 


I've applied all these things to bodybuilding and I truly believe it's helped me get to where I am today in this sport but also in life. 


I am not perfect by any means. My motivation and energy are not always at their peak. I have low days too! I have low self-confidence, and at times, low-esteem. I try to snap quickly out of my funk when I feel like it's bringing me down and preventing me from getting a positive outcome. 


Feeling successful makes the way you live your life that much better. I am not talking about having money or fame. But working hard until you reach your goals, small or big. And setting new ones...

When you feel good about yourself, empowered, proud of your hard work and accomplishments, you are that much happier with yourself, it reflects on the world. You appreciate life and everyone in it that much more!